Board Member Job Description

Our board performs essentially a legislative function. That is, it makes all policy decisions for the organization. However, from time to time, the board may direct a poll of the membership when considered desirable as a guide to member opinion and interest.

Specifically the board shall:

  • Set the overall policy, vision and mission for the organization.
  • Determine the goals of the MAC Foundation through its approved program of work.
  • Provide adequate funding through the annual budget to carry out the program of work.
  • Establish the dues structure of the MAC Foundation to support the program.
  • Elect officers in accordance with the by-laws of the MAC Foundation.
  • Recommend and approve changes to the by-laws.
  • Fill all vacancies that occur in its membership.
  • Meet as required by the by-laws, or at the call of the President, or on its own motion.
  • Provide adequate facilities and equipment for MAC Foundation operations.

 As individuals, each director is expected to:

  • Attend all meetings of the Board and not miss more than three (3) meetings a year.
  • Provide financial support to the MAC Foundation by joining the Chamber.
  • Help promote the MAC Foundation and recruit members.
  • Discharge fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Consult with the membership in order to be truly representative and communicate board action.
  • Offer suggestions of persons who may be willing to serve on MAC Foundation committees or task forces.
  • Be available to assist with expertise, advice and guidance with projects, events, as needed.
  • Provide “wise counsel”, i.e. unbiased insights and ideas from a third party point-of-view, on issues raised by the MAC Foundation.
  • Provide social networking platform for the MAC Foundation.
  • Encourage the development of a governance framework that enable sustainable growth of the MAC Foundation.
  • Perform such other duties, within his/her capabilities, as may be requested by the President.

Board Application Form

Form for interested parties to apply for Board Membership for the MAC Foundation

Board Member Application Form

By checking this box, I am willing to serve and agree to the responsibilities described in the board member application packet. *

Note: The time it takes to receive a confirmation of your application submission may vary depending on the size of your resume. Please be patient, as the page will refresh automatically once the process is complete.