The MAC Foundation Rising CEO's Program


The MAC Foundation understands that we must create more opportunities for those most impacted by socioeconomic disparities, gender inequalities, those most vulnerable individuals, and those who face challenges in finding mentorship opportunities, access to capital, education, and leadership training. The Foundation recognizes the important role that black and brown leaders play in their communities as civic leaders, caregivers, and role models. MAC further believes that economic advancement and lifting of our African and African American communities from poverty will be positively impacted from this program. MAC is pleased to introduce its pilot Rising CEOs Leadership and Entrepreneurship program which is made possible by grants of the Omaha Community Foundation, Sherwood Foundation and Weitz Foundation.


Foster entrepreneurial spirit, technology, and leadership skills among at-risk young black and brown girls and boys, between the ages of 14 to 19 years. This program is designed to create opportunities for teens in at-risk populations in black and brown, immigrant and refugee communities to inspire and feed the pipeline of future minority entrepreneurs. We aim to reframe their vision of a future away from crimes, gangs activity, and drugs. This program is a pathway to helping young people envision how they can achieve a positive and prosperous life by investing in themselves and their business ideas.

In the ten-week program, participants will participate in workshops lead by local business leaders paired up with a K-12 teacher, create a business plan, and compete in a business pitch competition to win funding of $500 for their idea. The culmination of the program will be the annual Rising CEOs Summit. The program intends to equip participants with a business plan, connections to mentors, access to funding and hone leadership skills. Local business owners of diverse backgrounds will provide mentoring through this program. Upon completion of the program the participants will be empowered and equipped with resources in the areas of business, social capital, and leadership.


  • My daughter Jaeda did the program last year. Her self esteem was so low but after this program, i am so proud of my daughter. She came out of her comfort zone, it increased her self esteem greatly. She now likes to say I am proud of myself mom,something I rarely hear from her. When I saw the post of the 20 over Awards selecting her as an awardee, on instagram , I screenshot it and sent it to her with her little bio and accomplishments. She was overjoyed and said mom I am so proud of myself! When I see my daughter today I can see a beautiful young girl full of confidence in herself. Thanks to the MAC for this wonderful program.
    Tania Ezui

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