The MAC Foundation Suit Up Program

The mission of the MAC Foundations Suit Up Program is to empower young men and women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire, headshot, and job readiness workforce preparation.

This program is designed to create opportunities for teens and young adults in at-risk populations in black and brown, immigrant, and refugee communities so as to inspire and feed the pipeline of future minority entrepreneurs.

We aim to reframe their vision of a future away from gang activity, violence, crimes, and drugs. This program is a pathway to helping young people envision how they can achieve a positive and prosperous life, by investing in themselves and their business ideas.

The Problems


One in 10 Iowa and Nebraska residents work multiple jobs, in comparison to the 1 in 20 nationally. The Omaha Community Foundation (2021) released data noting the large number of people who are working multiple jobs or underemployed, meaning they are working full- time but still living under the poverty line. In 2018, the U.S. Census reported that of the percentage of individuals in poverty 26.1% were Black; 20.6% were Latino; and 7.3% were White, Non-Hispanic.

Pay Inequality

People of color have a median income that is $13,000 less than their white counterparts. This difference has grown by 18% since 2015. A 2018 Regional Equity Profile completed by Heartland 2050 found that even when education levels are equal, people of color earn less than white residents..

How You Can Help